One powerful API to connect entire salon networks.

Giving global hair and beauty product companies the ability to aggregate their networks (and data), access smarter tools and help retail their salon partners' services online. Resulting in a modern, streamlined better marketing and booking experience.

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Modernise existing software without disrupting entire salon networks.

  • Hair and beauty product companies hold their relationships with the salon, spa or clinic.
  • Upwards of 80% of a product companies revenue derives from selling colour services.
  • They spend on marketing their brands, yet are limited in actually marketing appointments on behalf of the salon. 
  • Product companies are reliant on salons to sell to the end customer, they have no end-user visibility simply because they don’t have access to the right technology. 
  • Powered by Flossie fixes this challenge by offering a secure API that aggregates different booking systems, extending their capabilities with smarter tools to market services. All possible without causing additional administration or disruption.

A smarter interface for retailing hair services better online.

Powered by Flossie’s interface delivers what today’s consumer expects from a modern booking experience. Less than 30-seconds to book an appointment, variable payment options and a focus on earning customer trust by communicating salon networks health and safety policies. Setting a new digital standard for customer experience that make booking an appointment more like buying a dress; that is, fast and easy.

Smarter selling Icon

Smarter selling

  • Customer tools - branded iPhone and Android apps, mobile and website bookings
  • Instant booking, under 30-seconds, 4-clicks 
  • Simply package services together (Cut, Colour & Toner)
  • Easy-to-add pricing and promotional rules
  • Know what customers engaged and retarget them on your social channels
  • Consistent health & safety policy updates communicate across the entire salon network
  • Sell services direct from social media.
Reduce no-shows and cancellations  Icon

Reduce no-shows and cancellations

  • Up to 50% of customers will no-show if no payment is received in advance
  • Add a simple variety of pay-in-advance solutions
  • Reward customers for paying upfront 
  • Customers enjoy a faster checkout (every time)
  • Product up-sell - by paying in advance it’s proven customers are more likely to buy extra in salon
  • Utilise loyalty for enabling payment of services.
Streamlined set-up and onboarding Icon

Streamlined set-up and onboarding

  • Mitigate fragmentation with aggregated data from across the entire salon network
  • Confirmed bookings show instantly in salons existing calendar
  • Simple dashboard with data that’s actually usable telling you inventory to promote
  • Realtime business performance with powerful customer insights and predictive analytics.
Ecommerce functionality Icon

Ecommerce functionality

  • Choose to add one or more services to an order
  • No limitation on adding multiple services across different dates, stylists and locations
  • Select how you want to pay for more than one service
  • Track cart abandonment with follow-up re-marketing.

Powered by Flossie is the only integration a product company needs.

We fix the most common challenges without disrupting the entire B2B network. Solving ket direct-to-consumer challenges and removing data fragmentation across salon networks. Powered by Flossie is available to salons via their product company as a self-service sign-up.

Product Campaigns

(Multi-stockist companies)

Providing product companies with branded campaign tools, to drive bookings for a fragmented distribution network.

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Enterprise Software

(Chain businesses)

Front-end software solution that plugs into the existing calendar management software for faster booking conversions and revenue growth.

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Our story.

We have a clear vision for the future of retailing services.  The tools we have been investing in building, adapting and evolving over the last 8 years have focused on making booking experiences exceptional.

With a clear strategy in place, we’re well positioned to help product companies become even stronger partners for their salon network, by utilising the Powered by Flossie tools.  We’re passionate about building next-generation software, and empowering product companies to assist salons with powerful marketing tools that drive repeat custom and a higher visitation.

The marrying of products and services has long been held up as the ‘next big thing’, our software now brings this to life in meaningful experiences.

Jenene Crossan, Co-Founder

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