Get more online bookings, faster.

Modern tools that enable enterprise hair and beauty businesses to retail their services smarter online. Powered by Flossie plugs into the existing calendar management software. Supercharging what it can do, resulting in better booking experiences.
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Incredible customer experiences start with your online booking.

  • Upwards of 50% of hair and beauty bookings now come through from websites. Yet, A typical online booking process can take up to 20-minutes and 34-clicks to complete.
  • Customers are giving up on the booking process because it’s just too hard. For enterprise businesses switching systems is too difficult and expensive.
  • The intuitive user interface Powered By Flossie, can complete a booking and take upfront payment in less than 4-clicks (that’s under 30-seconds).
  • Powered by Flossie extends the capabilities of the existing calendar software by accessing publicly available calendar data from a salon website; then retails appointments in a friendlier way, similar to how you buy fashion and apparel online.

The future is ecommerce for hair and beauty services, available today.

Services are the last bastion of retailing in e-commerce, an area that hasn't been properly marketed and given the attention it deserves. We're on a mission to change that by providing modern tools for a modern consumer today.

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Grow your business

  • Customer tools - iPhone and Android apps, mobile and website bookings
  • Instant booking, under 30-seconds
  • Simply package services together (Colour & Toner)
  • Easy-to-add pricing and promotional rules
  • Know what customers engaged and retarget them on your social channels
  • Easily link from social media through to the service you’re promoting.
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Reduce no-shows and cancellations

  • Up to 50% of customers will no-show if no payment is received in advance
  • Add a simple variety of pay-in-advance solutions
  • Reward customers for paying upfront 
  • Customers enjoy a faster checkout (every time)
  • Product up-sell - by paying in advance it’s proven customers are more likely to buy extra in salon
  • Utilise loyalty for enabling payment of services.
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Plug and play solution

  • Get up and running in less than a day, no admin required
  • Confirmed bookings will show instantly in your existing calendar software
  • Simple dashboard with data that’s actually usable telling you inventory to promote
  • Realtime business performance with powerful customer insights and predictive analytics.

Partner with us.

We help hair and beauty businesses using different calendar management software improve their customer booking experience and ultimately impact revenue generation.

Product Campaigns

(Multi-stockist companies)

Providing product companies with branded campaign tools, to drive bookings for a fragmented distribution network.

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Enterprise Software

(Chain businesses)

Front-end software solution that plugs into the existing calendar management software for faster booking conversions and revenue growth.

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Flossie Marketplace

(New Zealand and Australia)

Multi-category hair and beauty marketplace to reduce no-shows and cancellations.

See In Action

Advanced technology that's proven to convert better.

See our performance based metrics for the Flossie marketplace as well as Powered by Flossie Case Study.

Includes hair & beauty (27% higher than app AOS)
5% conversion
All unique visits to booking
< 6.33 seconds
Time for Flossie to confirm available times across all software providers
30 sec to book
From click > book
100% Show Up
0% no-shows

Our story.

As a customer yourself, we’re sure you’ll relate to having expectations of what is good and what is totally unacceptable and what your expectations are for when you buy or book things online. The companies that are doing a really great job — like Deliveroo, Amazon, Far-Fetch — have efficient, flexible and most importantly intuitive systems for the customer, which teaches us, every single time we use them, what to expect from everyone else. 

Technology in the hair and beauty industry hasn’t evolved and adapted to how the modern consumer (that’s you or me) buys today. The downside is that the incredible customer experience created in-salon isn’t present when an appointment is booked online. Booking systems are hard to use, not intuitive and customers aren’t feeling like their time is valued.

Every salon owner wants more “bums on seats” and upwards of 70% of bookings are now made online. Yet there’s frustration and fragmentation with the existing system. Franchises struggle with systems not talking to each other. The simplest things like understanding “booking abandonment” or setting dynamic pricing rules aren’t possible. This is causing a huge amount of revenue leakage for most businesses and it is invisible. 

We’re passionate about building the next generation of hair and beauty software. We’ve always believed that we could create a better customer funnel for service businesses that start with online booking and continue after they’ve left the salon. 

That’s experience we all want and it’s something we all deserve.

Jenene Crossan, Co-Founder

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