Technology to access and aggregate salon data.

Giving hair and beauty product companies the ability to finally aggregate data from hundreds of different salon software. Proactively digitise, merchandise and track the full customer journey with a custom themed booking platform.

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Increase product revenue without disrupting the entire salon network.

  • Global hair colour product companies amass enormous (yet fragmented) salon distribution networks.
  • These salons use many varied salon management software to operate their individual businesses. Most often legacy systems, with no APIs or documentation to allow for modern tech tool connectivity. 
  • The result? Product companies can’t aggregate or track data, creating data dead-ends in the marketing ROI and ‘end user’ intel - a dangerous strategic position in a direct-to-consumer revolution.
  • Powered by Flossie fixes this pain-point enabling product companies to centralise data and promote appointments on behalf of their entire salon network through a custom themed front-end booking platform.

Promote appointments on behalf of your entire salon network.

Powered by Flossie’s themed booking interface enables product companies to finally promote appointments on behalf of their salon network. Less than 30-seconds to book an appointment, variable payment options and track the entire customer journey. Improve ROI, frequency of custom and revenue. Set a new digital standard for customer experience.

Smarter ecommerce of services  Icon

Smarter ecommerce of services 

  • Themed web, mobile apps (iOS and Android), and marketing campaign landing pages
  • Instant book, 4-clicks, under 30-seconds
  • Directly link to service, salon or collections from social, email or online ads
  • Package services together, with or without product
  • Communicate latest health & safety policies 
  • Pay-in-advance solutions to reduce no-shows and cancellations.
No more data dead-ends Icon

No more data dead-ends

  • Up to 50% of customers will no-show if no payment is received in advance
  • Add a simple variety of pay-in-advance solutions
  • Reward customers for paying upfront 
  • Customers enjoy a faster checkout (every time)
  • Product up-sell - by paying in advance it’s proven customers are more likely to buy extra in salon
  • Utilise loyalty for enabling payment of services.
Self-service marketing tools Icon

Self-service marketing tools

  • Mitigate fragmentation with aggregated data from across the entire salon network
  • Confirmed bookings show instantly in salons existing calendar
  • Simple dashboard with data that’s actually usable telling you inventory to promote
  • Realtime business performance with powerful customer insights and predictive analytics.
Streamlined set-up and onboarding Icon

Streamlined set-up and onboarding

  • Sign-up salons using quick and easy self-service onboarding tools
  • Appointments made through the themed booking website drop instantly into the salons existing calendar software 
  • Dashboard for salons to manage bookings, profiles and preview individual business performance
  • Salons can reschedule or cancel bookings, control their availability and adjust service pricing
  • Option to set variable pay-in-advance pricing to reduce no-shows and cancellations.

A world-first solution for hair and beauty product companies. 

Powered by Flossie’s technology solves a technically difficult strategic pain point commonly held by every product company servicing the hair and beauty sector. This is made possible without disrupting the salon network.

Product Campaigns

(Multi-stockist companies)

Providing product companies with branded campaign tools, to drive bookings for a fragmented distribution network.

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Enterprise Software

(Chain businesses)

Front-end software solution that plugs into the existing calendar management software for faster booking conversions and revenue growth.

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Our story.

The future is ecommerce for services.

Since 2012 myself and Co-Founder, CTO Steve Torrance have built the technical infrastructure anticipating data as the future golden goose. We have held a clear vision to build a technology company that is quickly now becoming the backbone of the “e-commerce of services” revolution. 

This has culminated in a unique technology offering that is now strategically and technically uniquely set apart from any other software company on the planet.  Powered by Flossie revolutionises colour service bookings. Our innovative technology unlocks new product company revenue, like never before.

Powered by Flossie places product companies at the forefront of the direct-to-consumer revolution, without disrupting their salon network.

Jenene Crossan, Co-Founder

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