Convert your online bookings faster with Powered By Flossie.

Proven, customer/UX frontend software that acts as a universal booking layer for existing systems, creating an intuitive and customisable interface. Powered by Flossie accesses data from the existing provider seamlessly and improves the customer journey without disruption.

Online bookings are no longer a 'nice to have'.

  • Upwards of 50% of hair and beauty bookings now come through from websites.
  • Customers are giving up on the booking process because it’s just too hard. For enterprise businesses switching systems is too difficult and expensive.
  • A typical online booking process can take up to 20-minutes and 34-clicks to complete. The intuitive user interface Powered By Flossie, can complete a booking and take upfront payment in less than 4-clicks (that’s under 30-seconds).

Powered by Flossie is a universal booking layer for existing software.

Removing the ‘hard’; less clicks to book and increased flexibility. Providing real-time, flexible customer/UX frontend software for faster bookings.

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Grow your business

  • Customer frontend tools (iOS & Android app, web port, marketplace)
  • Dynamic pricing and promotion rules
  • Flexibility to package services (i.e. cut & blow-wave)
  • Track marketing campaigns through to booking
  • Deep-linking of service in advert to booking system
  • Easily access date to remarket (i.e. cross-sell, upsell)
  • See customer drop-offs (i.e. cart abandonment)
  • Upfront payment to reduce no-shows
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Operational excellence

  • Intuitive and customisable interface
  • Ability to modify existing parameters
  • Simple dashboard with usable data
  • Powered by Flossie returns your customer booking details back into your existing system
  • No admin or calendar management required
  • Realtime business performance with actionable marketing opportunities
  • Utilise data + content marketing to create justifiable transaction moments

Partner with us.

We help businesses around the world improve their frontend/UX booking experience and ultimately impact revenue generation.


(Brand or Products)

Curated marketplace for a brands stockists with a goal to funnel track to revenue generation.

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Chain Business


Faster conversions with seamless UX focussed on converting bookings and driving revenue.

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(New Zealand and Australia)

Multi-category hair and beauty marketplace to reduce no-shows and cancellations.

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(Brand or Products)

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Chain Business


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Our story.

Since late 2011 my co-founder Steve Torrance and I have been building to a vision; to help create smarter tools for retailing hair and beauty services. We’ve always believed we could create a customer funnel for service businesses wishing to tap into the exponential revenue and growth opportunity that has come with customers increasingly being inspired by temptation marketing (as taught by the e-commerce giants of the world) and booking last-minute.

We started in web, shifted to mobile-only and over a number of years built a huge base in New Zealand, and now Australia with the existing marketplace - an essential not-so-secret weapon in our ongoing quest to be the fastest UX in the world.

Our ability to boast such speedy conversions comes from a smart API tool we have built to access data held in salons existing calendar systems (pulling data and merchandising it in real-time) and an iterative approach to UX with substantial consideration to smarter retailing.

Powered by Flossie; launched as a universal booking layer enhancing the UI of salons’ own websites. We’re leveraging our API’s and have created access to data within dozens of existing software systems. We're now utilising those to help businesses make their existing platforms and tools work even better in an internet and mobile age. Powered by Flossie is a plug and play solution that extends the capabilities of an existing software provider – making us a powerful collaborator, not competitor.

Jenene Crossan, Co-Founder

We’d love to hear from you.

If you’d like to learn more about partnering with us or have a media, marketing enquiry, drop us a line and one of the team will get back to you.

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